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My doodles always come out way better than my "tried really hard" sketches/drawings. >:I

Did this on the back of a check stub. Vienna in her underwear. Lol
Frank and Sally
Back in high school, my friend and I did a little comic for fun. We did about 23 or so strips before calling it quits due to homework loads and personal lives. But I've been having a kick and actually got a really brilliant idea for a revamp, so I'm gonna be working on it as a fun practice comic before I really dive into the stories my husband and I have been working out. So here's the first one! :3

Meet Frank, 23 years old and his defining characteristic is low self-esteem. 
Mathias and Vienna Doodle
Just a little doodle I did for Mathias and Vienna from  Forging Harmony. Mmmm, Mathias. <3 You can grate cheese on those abs.

Vienna's totally out of character here. LMAO xD
Tagged from the awesome :iconpasitheeart: :)


Star sign: 

Average hours of sleep: 
between 5-9 hours, depending on my kids. My baby boy still wakes up during the night.

Lucky number: 
4, 9, 11, 12, and 15 :D

Last thing you googled: 
Annie Mae and Backwards Bat (TaB) from :icondctb: because I like looking at his art and listening to his music. Huge inspiration for me. :D 

Favorite fictional character: 
As a kid? Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha when I was 11. Biggest crush ever. I would literally go to my backyard in the middle of the night and sing "Fukai Mori" (Season 2's end theme song) off key and pretend to be standing all cool like Sesshoumaru, since the entire ending sequence shows him being all pretty and stoic and such. There were so many feelings for him. Lmao

What are you wearing now?: 
A Tie dye T-shirt and some black cargo shorts

When did you start this account?:  
March 29 2016
This is my third account. I had some rough patches in real life and Deviantart was being more discouraging than helpful because I focused on what other people could do rather than focusing on myself as an artist, so I felt like I'd never get anywhere. I decided to delete my previous two accounts, then finally this year I decided to come back. It was a learning process, but I realize now that I can be my best as long as I keep working at it,

Amount of watchers:  
17 lovely people

What do you post?: 
Mostly original art and characters. I'd like to do more fanart and more art in general

Do you run any more blogs?: 
Yeah, but they're private

Do you get a lot of comments?:
Sometimes :)

Why did you choose this username?
Honestly, I should probably change my username. Lmao. Not the smartest idea ever to use my last name -__-


1. Favourite ice-cream flavour?
Lately it's been Brownie Batter Core from Ben and Jerry's. It's subject to change constantly. xD  

2. Favourite season and why?
I love all seasons for their own unique reasons. Autumn is probably my favorite because of the crisp air and the coolness and the beautiful colors and the crunchy leaves.

3. Are you a morning person?
I have been, could be, and should be. I'll be waking up at 5am starting next week. 

4. 100 squats or 20 chin-ups?
1 chin up and 99 squats xD (Because I cannot for the life of me do more than one chin up)

5. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
I don't usually eat breakfast, but when I do, it's scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and then melted to perfection. Yummmmm <3

6. Favourite flavour of chips?
I'm not a huge fan of chips (Threw them up too often while I was pregnant *Shudders*), but when we do get them, it's been All Dressed by Ruffles

7. Animal you think you most resemble personality-wise?
I've always felt this kinsman-ship with Fish of any kinds, but most particularly with goldfish. In 11th grade at my high school there was a patch of grass that would get flooded, and as a prank, a bunch of Seniors got together and bought some 25 cent goldfish from Walmart and set them loose there. I tried to ask them not to and they blew me off, and then took some goldfish and put them in a water bottle and shook them up. I was so upset that I went to a corner and cried during lunch and the principal came up to me to see what was wrong. I told him about it and he went and saved the fish with a spare bucket they had and then he let me take them home. They were super cute; most of them died from the trauma, but four of them survived. They had the greatest personalities; Tank would run races around the tank, Runt (the smallest) would swim upstream against a bubble current caused from the waterfall of the filter, Squishy had foggy eyes and we think he was blind, but he would make kissing faces against the glass, and then Silvia was our Lady Fish and the prettiest one. 

It upsets me because people say that "fish are just fish". Same thing upsets me when people say "babies are just babies" or "kids are just kids". None and no creature is "just that". Everything has life and a purpose and a reason, and personality and spirit and thoughts of their own. Animals, even fish, heck, even insects, deserve to be treated with consideration and respect just as children and babies do, and just as every single one of us do. 

Uhh... But as far as personality-wise, probably a Hawk. I want to soar and be beautiful and free, but I can also be a fierce predator if I don't keep myself in check, and if I'm trained right, I'll always come back to my friends/family after I've been away for awhile. Or maybe a spider, creating beautiful things and then being misunderstood and squished a lot, and being willing to die for my babies.

8. How do you feel about ironing?
I... honestly don't iron my clothes. Mostly because I jst wear T-shirts and so does my husband, so there's not much point in ironing. I'll probably have to learn when my husband and/or I get more professional jobs

9. Immortality or everlasting youth?
Well, I believe I'll have both after I die as long as I try my best to outreach and touch other people's lives in a positive manner while on this Earth. But not during mortality; it would just be depressing.

10. Fresh or long-life milk?
I really like fresh milk, because it's more filling and tastes really good. Long-life is good, though, for being a city person.

Questions from :iconpasitheeart:

What Was Your Favorite Show Growing Up?

Gumby, Arthur, Bear in the Big Blue House, Zooboomafu, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Rugrats, The Wild Thorneberry's, Animal Planet, Kim Possible. There are so many others. xD Then there's ALL the anime's I love, like Fullmetal Alchemist (all series and movies), Fate Stay Night (and all related series/endings/movies), Sword Art Online, .Hack//Sign (and related games), Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Deathnote, Code Lyoko, Case Closed, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, and many others.

Probably the only stuff I didn't like was Spongebob Squarepants, Flapjack, Chowder, Camp Lazlo, Adventure Time, and other shows with similar animating styles and crude humor. The animation just creeps me out and they just don't appeal to me. 

Right now, my favorite shows are the shows my kids watch constantly on repeat, so Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford's Puppy Days, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

What's your favorite game? If you're not a gamer, then your favorite tv show, or book?

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Another Wonderful Life for girls), Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (More Friends of Mineral Town for girls), Story of Seasons (made by the same people who made Harvest Moon). Also Stardew Valley (basically Harvest Moon for PC, except made by an awesome Independent game developer ^_^) These are all my calming, repetitive, close-knit community farming games that I love and adore.

Otherwise, I like
Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Collection (and Sonic Heroes, and Battle Adventure, etc; pretty much any Sonic game)
The Legend of Zelda: Ages and Seasons (two separate games) and A Link to the Past
Kingdom Hearts (any and all, though I prefer the original game best)
Pokemon (in small doses and mostly just the original Kanto and Johto regions)
Final Fantasy VII, X, XII, and Crystal Chronicles
The Silent Hill games (I just like watching my hubby play; too scary for me)
Dead Space (also just like watching hubby play; also too scary xD)
The Resident Evil games (I like playing 5 and 6 because it's two player and my husband can save me from the scaries and vice versa xD)
Dota 2
(Soon to be) League of Legends
World of Tanks
Fire Emblem (of all kinds; lately I've been playing Conquest and Birthright.)
Mass Effect 
SOHMA (so many feels TT_TT)
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (this game also gives me so many feels. I really want to do some fanart.)
DARK SOULS (But only the first game. I'm having a hard time getting into the second and third games. I probably will eventually, though.)

What kind of art do you prefer? Fanart or Original?

I like original art because it brings new perspectives and new stories and new life to new characters, but I also like Fanart because there are so many lessons we would be missing out on if it weren't for some of the characters that we currently know and love, which is why fanart is great and wonderful for celebrating those characters. Original art inspires the next generation and therefore inspires new fanart and eventually new original art. So I think both are important in a beautiful creative cycle that builds upon each other where ideas and creativity flow freely.

What places do you want to travel to?

I want to travel the USA, and then from there travel other countries. I just hope World War 3 doesn't break out and make it where I can't do so someday.

Do you prefer the big city life or the country?

I'm not sure. I think I'd prefer a balance between the two. If you become too secluded from other people, you begin to lose yourself and lose expectations, but being in the city can desensitize you to the fundamental basics of life and the respect for nature and the bottom tier of creation. So I wouldn't want to be completely cut off from civilization, but a quiet farming community would be nice with close neighbors and not too far from the city if need be.

What brought you to dA? What do you like most about it?

I like the endless ideas that bounce around and the inspiration we all gain from each other, and the sense of community.

What is your dream pet? (wild animals are okay)

I just want goldfish. Maybe a dog someday when I have an actual house and property.

iPhone or Android (chose wisely :P (Lick))

Neither. I don't have a cell phone. My husband likes Android, though.

If technology wasn't an issue, would you travel in space?

Absolutely. :D

What country would you love to in?

America. For all of our problems and screw ups and tissy fits and arguments and debates (wooo for freedom of speech, haha), it really is a great country. Plus I would be terrified of doing something to offend someone in another country and end up being killed because of it. xD


Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

If you've made characters before, who was your very first character you ever made? What was their name, personality, abilities, appearance, etc?

If you haven't made a character before, make one right now and draw them! If you have already made one, draw one of your characters. :D 

What is your favorite homecooked meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert)? And if you have a recipe, post the link!

What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do that you feel comfortable sharing?

What is your philosophy on life, death, and after we die?

What has been the most magical moment/s of your life up to this point?

What character was your childhood crush? (can be anime, cartoon, real life, anything)


:iconmrstumpf: :iconcahansentoth: :iconravendaniels: :icondoodle-of-the-day: :iconlibbiechihiro-2: :iconpastel-le: :iconcherry-lemon: :iconpasitheeart: (Pasithee, you only have to answer the questions I added if you want to do it since you already answered all the other questions xD)


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